Artist’s statement

Don’t you love the feeling when something beautiful grabs your attention and draws you in to look closer?  I’ve been an artist all my life, first a graphic designer and later a children’s book illustrator.  Using my design, drawing and painting skills, I create jewelry that draws you in by using shape, subtle color, tiny patterns, delicate lines and even transparent watercolor washes.

The beauty of nature is my continual inspiration.  As a child, I roamed the bluffs around our home in rural Minnesota and was fascinated by the tiny details of wildflowers, trees, birds and other wildlife.  As an adult, my husband and I hike the mountains near our home in Colorado.  I love the delicate colors and lines in flower petals, the veins and shapes of leaves and the spiraling tendrils of climbing vines.  I’m also attracted to the late 1800s and early 1900s, Art Nouveau, damask and the small patterns of vintage quilts. That era seems to be a calmer, simpler time yet rich with innovation and exquisite art.  My work combines all these influences by featuring motifs from nature mixed with small, vintage patterns and soothing, muted colors.

I hand-fabricate each piece of jewelry from copper or silver and polymer clay. I like the contrast between shiny and matte that these mediums allow.  Polymer clay is a versatile, durable and lightweight medium that’s perfect for making unique, handmade  beads and patterned veneers.  I use the Japanese mokumé gané technique where layers of different colored polymer clay are impressed with designs and then sliced to reveal a pattern.  I also use translucent polymer clay which allows light to pass through it like thin porcelain.  Making jewelry that is well-crafted and comfortable to wear is also important to me.

I’ve thoughtfully designed each piece to celebrate the beautiful details of nature.  Patterns and colors from a simpler, more peaceful time combined with interesting shapes and fine lines will captivate and draw you in for a closer look.